Sophie Losson

Painter Artist

Sophie's pictorial creations, as poetic as they are inspiring, open us up to the invisible, to the unspeakable, to that gentle mystique of the Living which both soothes and carries us away. She has the art of making the invisible shine through in her creations, the breath of Life, the wind, the movement, this connection to the forces of life that are beyond us. This inexplicable (and fortunately) but communicative sensation is born, that of the beauty of the world. The act of painting (and finally also that of admiring a painting...) as a plunge into the eternity of the moment. Translated with (free version)

Catherine Davau, author


Through my works, this marvellous, this delicate, to make present this light which revives, to testify to the beauty of Life.

What is the common thread?

Creation, as a means of expression, of saying, of rising, of listening to oneself, of sharing.

The trigger?

I am a graduate of the Beaux-Arts and the studies I followed taught me the technical bases, a sense of observation and also an artistic education.

From all these years of learning, from this experience I keep a feeling of effervescence; that of the discovery of art, and also the passion to learn every day, to question oneself, to create, to go further in reflection.

After important upheavals in my life, and following my first initiation to Reiki Usui my vision has changed.

I am no longer afraid to dive into myself.

To open myself as deeply as possible to the present moment, to what is offered to me to live,

My journey is inner, at the level of the heart.


And today ?

Today, I give way to what comes from within, to my intuitions, to my guidance. I am in the joy and quietude of painting and creating. To take this colour because it calls me, invites me, to let go of the gestures; of those which are posed, of those which touch, which withdraw, dig… sacred dance of the brushes on the canvas, A subtle and sensitive dance where the colours that suggest, the gestures, the shapes that shape, sometimes mingle in agreement with the words, Light… Depth… Vibration TO BE In the immediate feeling. In listening attentively to what is happening inside, through and around me. In letting go. The vision? There is an outer vision, more related to appearance, and an inner vision, related to myself. To join these two perceptions, to be in this connection where the central point of pride would perhaps be the heart, an indispensable instrument with multiple vibrating strings.
"The Vision is the art of seeing invisible things."
Jonathan Swift.
I am a woman artist

I am a graduate of fine arts and art therapy, and also the mother of three children.

Since I was a child, I have always felt the need to connect with what I could not name at the time, the energies, the opening with the invisible and celestial worlds.

I have been lucky enough on my path to meet and be initiated into several energetic and spiritual approaches.

Today, I express through drawing, painting, writing, this marvellous, present with and around us. It slips into the simplest moments and things to better reveal itself.

«Revealing the world in all its beauty»

Les Couleurs d’Urielle, this name came to me like a breath, a breath made of colours, drawings and words.

Uriel(le), the strength and joy of undertaking, creation, regeneration and energy. The colours and forms manifested in matter.

He accompanies me by his name and his vibration in all my creations. 

Welcome to the world of Couleurs d'Urielle.

Inside the workshop

"Les Couleurs d'Urielle"

I settle down in the calm, a restful silence is placed within me, full, and an inner space opens up.

I begin my dive, I feel my centering point, I breathe, I am quiet and happy, I often catch myself smiling.

The brush, the canvas, the earth, are the continuity of what is “in”, “with” and “around” me.

Don’t ask me any more questions, especially not.  

And that’s when everything changes, everything happens. 

In lightness, pencil strokes, lines, curves, colours… words can come, I let it happen.

Inside, outside, from the centre to the periphery, from the bottom to the top, from the left to the right, everything is in motion and the gestures are breaths, cadences.

Time no longer matters to me, it can last several days, months or a few minutes, when everything is set, I stop. What is created takes on its own presence. 

The image is a bridge between worlds. It is a passage.